Support for pregnancy, birth, parent-hood and beyond with shiatsu and massage

Well Mother – supporting parents and babies with shiatsu and massage

Welcome to Well Mother. We have found that shiatsu and massage offer effective tools to support the well being of mothers and their families through their experience of pregnancy and birth and want to see them taking their place as a core part of 21st Century maternity care. Through our work with families, we have also realised how important it is to understand the impact of this period on the whole family for the rest of their lives.  Information on the Well Mother approach.

We have a register of maternity massage and shiatsu therapists and birth professionals  who have successfully completed our maternity courses, so that families can find suitably qualified practitioners to work with them. These practitioners are in the UK and abroad.

We run maternity courses for health professionals (massageshiatsumidwives, doulas and birth educators and other maternity health professionals in the UK and abroad (in various languages).

We provide resources for parents and professionals; books and articles and hopefully soon DVD’s and audio CD’s.

While we believe that healing touch has a relevance which is timeless, we live in a changing world and need to constantly review new developments in approaches to health. We are always open to developing our work. We believe in integrated health care; traditional and modern blending to offer the best of both worlds!

If you would like more information in your language and to find out more information about practitioners and courses in your country, please click on flag at the top of the page.

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