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June 2020: Corona update

Dear All -Most of us are gradually getting back to a new normal but the situation varies from country to country. Firstly I wish you all well wherever you are and that we can all have trust in whatever this process of reemergence is bringing up for us. We are having to make huge adaptations: connecting with ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbours and indeed everyone else on the planet in new and different ways. We are realising our interconnectedness.

I hope that I will be able to teach most of the in person courses again from the autumn, at least the non UK ones. Let’s see for the UK. If you are interested in an in person course please don’t book but get in touch directly. I am have done some of the courses live on line and have been impressed how well they have run. This has inspired me to start adding live parts to the existing online courses and I have created a new online course with live sessions which is open to any woman. This is Extraordinary Women’s Cycles. It starts on  July. You may be interested in it and it would be lovely if you could share it with your friends.

I am working on getting more on line courses up for you and have been offering individual on line consultations for clients and students. I have been impressed how powerful and effective they are.  The session can include connecting with you and offering specific breathing, meditation and visualisations , talking you through self shiatsu and massage or simply holding space for you. Please email me directly if you are interested in this. I hope that soon I will be able to see people in person again. When I do, I will of course be following relevant health guidelines. If you want more information on my individual work, please visit my practice page.

We look forward to meeting you in person as well as on line, at some point in the future!

The English pages are for all the courses taught in English, wherever in the world! For more information on which courses are for you please visit the relevant Discover page.

The Residential course (English week) was in the lovely countryside near Rome in May 2018.  Kate, one of the participants, wrote a blog about it. We all enjoyed it so much that the next course will at the same place in May 2021. This is only open to those who have already studied with Suzanne or another Wellmother teacher.

Some of the Shiatsu practitioner courses are open to anyone; these are called the Foundation courses. Some you need to have already attended a Foundation course: these are usually called Modules and are part of the Wellmother Maternity Care Diploma course. Please go to Discover Shiatsu Practitioners for more information.

Suzanne had a wonderful time teaching Massage therapists, Shiatsu practitioners and Midwives/doulas  in Australia and New Zealand in September 2018. She will next be teaching there again in September 2021. Courses will be confirmed nearer the time.

Courses taught in other languages are on the relevant language pages: so please navigate to your language. All the courses in French speaking countries are taught in French (Suzanne teaches in French). Courses in German speaking countries taught by Suzanne are in English with German translation (often by Alexandra or Johanna). The Italian courses are mostly taught by Alexandra in Italian. We all look forward to help you develop your skills and take your work to another level.

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