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Infant massage training

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This course enables you to be able to teach one to one sessions for parents as well as classes. It also includes how to create mother baby treatments, with an emphasis on the baby aspect. It is recognised by the APNT who also validate the Massage and Pregnancy Diploma.

Course dates

Infant massage instructor training, recognised by the APNT

Bristol, Centre for Whole Health, South Bristol

We usually run this course once a year in Bristol, however if you have a group we also run additional courses on demand, where we can come to you

We are currently re-designing the course and so it will not be running in 2017 in Bristol. We will update you of the new course.

Module 1 and 2 combined price: £525 course code: MASIN/18/UKB

It is necessary to complete both modules to obtain certification. It is possible to pay in two installments if required. This will cost £575.

If you want to learn a little more about shiatsu (which we do cover a little on the course) you can attend a day of Shiatsu for maternity care course 

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Infant massage: Course overview

infant-massage-class-3This course offers a unique approach to an integration of the Well Mother approach into infant massage. It is open to both those who are new to Infant massage, as well as those who may have done other infant massage training and want to further develop their skills. The majority of participants will have some bodywork training (such as massage or shiatsu), however the course is open to other professionals working with women and babies who want to include nurturing touch as part of their work.  Bodyworkers will be encouraged to develop their own unique style. The range of students will develop a richness in the development of each person’s style .

This infant massage course is aimed at those who would like to offer infant massage instruction to parents of infants up to 18 months and suggestions of how to continue beyond. Emphasis will be placed on key touch/massage techniques and how to develop and refine these skills and to include them into a massage routine where relevant. These techniques will include both Swedish massage techniques as well as shiatsu-based techniques, including specific points and stretches for specific conditions.

Emphasis will be placed on how to modify the infant massage to different developmental stages of the infant and for addressing specific issues which may be of concern. Time will be given to explore the theory relevant to infant development in an experiential way and from both a western and eastern perspective. There will also be time given to explore working with both with groups of parents and with individuals . An emphasis will be placed on understanding and supporting the role of the person (usually parent/primary caregiver) giving the massage. Parent and baby exercises will also be included.

A unique feature of this infant massage course is the emphasis on supporting the mother as well as the baby. Relevant exericses and breath awareness for the mother is included as well as guidance on creating mother/baby sessions.

Key features of infant massage training

Go beyond teaching infant massage routines and develop your unique style of infant massage


  • shiatsu/acupressure techniques , including off the body work
  • detailed massage techniques for supine, prone, side, sitting.
  • Basic principles of how to touch, hold and move a baby
  • parent and baby movement and exercise,
  • work with younger and older babies
  • work with  premature babies and those with  additional needs
  • awareness of how to work with the parent as well as the baby and how to support the family unit
  • Creation of parent/baby sessions
  • One to one session and classes explored
  • Understanding babies cues and developmental movements
  • Guidance on how to develop your work

There will be two infant clinics on the last day of each module.

Written coursework for infant massage training

This is required to complete the infant massage course. This will include evidence of teaching infant massage with reflection and a consideration of the issues involved, particularly with emphasis on working within the range of one’s competence.

Anne Badger and Suzanne Yates have set up this course as they want to bring their joint expertise and experience into developing a course which goes beyond a focus on teaching routines for infant massage and which enables practitioners already with a training in bodywork to evolve their work with infants.

Learning outcomes

Module one (3 days) covers healthy infant development and is more focused on working with the healthy baby

Module two (2 days) reviews this work and consolidates and deepens it and also covers work for infants who may have suffered birth trauma, been born prematurely or have medical conditions

You will learn

Aim 1; You will be able to demonstrate a range of practical touch skills for working with infants

This will include; awareness of different types of touch, massage and shiatsu techniques including the use of pressure and holding, meridian stretches and movements, and awareness of different meridians and points working with the breath different positions for receiving the massage

Aim 2 : You will be able to demonstrate an understanding the theory of infant development for the first year from an eastern and western perspectives.

The basics of the theory behind how shiatsu works: Yin/Yang, Ki, Essence, Meridians, Kyo and Jitsu and the specific theories about birth and the first year.

Meridian exercises for your own self-development and understanding and which can be incorporated into your work with parents

Aim 3; You will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the caregiver and infant

This will include: Attachment and bonding theories : awareness of importance and how to support the posture and atttitude of caregiver; Ways of touching; Exercises for infant and caregiver to support the work of the massage

Aim 4; Presenting the infant massage

This will include: teaching classes and working one to one.

Course review

by Sally Teal, participant of 2012 course.

I decided to take part in the Baby Massage Instructors Course for several reasons- I had consulted the FHT (federation of holistic therapists) and they stated that this course was approved by them. It was also only 30 minutes from my home town and on research Suzanne and Anne were both very respected and popular in their fields.

I was made to feel very welcome as the course began, Suzanne and Anne made our group at ease and ensured we all got to know each other and began to bond as a group.

Course notes and work had been sent to us in advance so I had absorbed as much of the information as possible but as the course began it was like a light bulb coming on, all that  I had read began to make sense. Suzanne and Anne used demonstrations, practical work, verbal explanations and examples to guide us through module 1.

The practical work was fascinating and Suzanne guided us through floor exercises showing us baby reflexes and developmental stages in a step by step easy to understand way. Child development and Anatomy and Physiology information was given to us in a written guide from conception to birth and beyond.

Once we had an understanding of baby development we began to learn the baby massage techniques and appropriate shiatsu points. As we continued through Module 1 using these points and massage techniques became second nature and both Anne and Suzanne  worked through the massage routine giving us invaluable tips and techniques.

Towards the end of the first module we ran a baby massage clinic in groups of three. This gave us support from our fellow students but also gave us the wonderful experience of how it felt to lead and teach. We had ample preparation time for this and were guided and supported by Suzanne and Anne through the process.

We ended module 1 by being prepared by Anne and Suzanne on how to run our case studies and how to set up our own baby massage classes.

I felt very well prepared and set about starting  up my own baby massage business. Between ‘module 1 and 2’ I ran 5 baby massage classes with a maximum of 8 in each, these classes became part of my case studies and aided me to feel confident in my studies and in teaching.

The second module was based on one to one teaching and babies with extra needs. We had to study premature babies and babies with extra needs and then we held a role play session and Anne and Suzanne gave us advice on how to deal differing situations and how to extend our work.

We ended the module by holding a clinic and teaching on a one to one basis.

I am now running three classes of eight parents and babies per week and have had lots of positive feedback on my classes. I feel that I have been taught to a very high standard and have had a high level of support from ‘Well Mother’ to ensure my success. Thank you Suzanne and Anne for this wonderful opportunity.