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Individual sessions

Individual Shiatsu and Massage Sessions

We have a register of practitioners who have trained with us.

If you want to start experiencing shiatsu and massage sessions, we guide you through some general information on how to find a suitable practitioner

Please go to What is Shiatsu for more information on shiatsu sessions and The Well Mother Approach for our specific approach to shiatsu and massage.

If you have a question that isn’t here then please post a question via Well Mother face book pages or send a personal email to Well mother. These are free services.  If your question is more in depth and you need more of a mini consultation, this can be offered via Skype consultation. A fee will be charged for this service.

You can visit the specific pages designed for different phases of your journey for more specific information on more specific aspects of how shiatsu and massage may support you.

If you would like a free taster of how Shiatsu or massage can benefit you then you can experience a free sessions during a clinic day on a Well Mother course.

Shiatsu and massage sessions can be helpful resources for people at all stages of their lives: both men and women. Individual Shiatsu and massage sessions offer a powerful combination of nurturing touch, breathing/visualisations, exercise and postural awareness. Most Well Mother trained practitioners work with all clients. However their understanding of the impact of the first stages of our life, our experience of our time in the womb, birth and early childhood, can bring an additional dimension to their work. Especially when working with women who have experienced pregnancy at some point in their life, they can bring an awareness of the effects of this period at all other stages in their life. This can be especially important during the menopause.

This site has an emphasis on the importance of Shiatsu and Massage during your journey through parent hood from pre conception through to the postnatal period and beyond.

They can help both parents prepare for the experience of pregnancy, support the physical and emotional changes you will experience during pregnancy, and help you develop your relationship and connection with your baby as well as each other. We hope that you will then find that they are useful resources through the rest of your life.

If you would like to share your story of your experiences then please contact us and we can share your story on our Birth Stories page.