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Beyond birth

Birth classShiatsu and Massage are useful tools for people at all times in their lives with their powerful combination of nurturing touch, breathing/visualisations, exercise and postural awareness.

Most of the therapists who have trained with Well Mother, work with people at all stages of their lives as well as specialising in the maternity period.  What they can bring to their work with you is an awareness of how your experience of the maternity period, whether as a baby or as a parent, may be affecting you.

Please go to What is Shiatsu for more information on shiatsu and also What is Well Mother for our specific approach to shiatsu.

We have some questions you can ask to help you find the right practitioner for you

If you decide that shiatsu or massage is something to consider, we have a register of practitioners who have trained with us.

If you have a question that isn’t here then please post a question via Well Mother face book pages or send a personal email to Well mother. These are free services.  If your question is more in depth and you need more of a mini consultation, this can be offered via Skype consultation. A fee will be charged for this service.

Why is the maternity period so fundamental to us at all times in our lives?

Most disciplines, especially psycho-therapeutic ones, recognise the importance of the first years of our life. These days there is even more awareness of the importance particularly of the time spent in the womb. How we grow and develop at this time has an impact on the rest of our lives.

Nathanielsz goes so far as to say “that programming of  lifetime health by the conditions in the womb is equally , if not more important than our genes in determining how we perform mentally and physically during our life” (Nathanielsz PW 1999 LIfe in the Womb: The Origin of Health and Disease Promethean Press Ithaca NY quoted in Yates S “Pregnancy and Childbirth” p 8

Neurosciene is beginning to help us understand the huge amounts of growth which happens in the brain during the womb and in our early years. Here is an interesting and readable article with some good references

The early years of our child’s life are also important phases of brain development.

For women in particular, the menopause is a time when any unresolved issues around their fertility or experiences of motherhood may come to the fore.

For the mother, issues like pelvic girdle instability, weak abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, to name but a few, which had their origins in the pregnancy, may remain issues, if not dealt with, for the long term.  A practitioner who understands the maternity period may be able to offer effective help and support.