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Free clinics: shiatsu and massage for parents and babies

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During most of the Well Mother maternity massage and shiatsu training courses, we have maternity clinic days, where students in training with Suzanne and the Well mother teaching team work with pregnant women and, in the postnatal and birth modules, with partners.

If you would like to try shiatsu and massage they offer a good opportunity to see what they are like. The video clip shows a Pregnancy Massage clinic.

Well Mother students also have to do case studies and so are often looking for clients to work with.

You may be able to meet a practitioner during one of these sessions who can work with you as a case study.

There are regular courses in the UK and in Europe as well as other places less frequently.

UK Maternity Shiatsu or Massage Clinics 2017

video-ball-back-groupUK: these are organised directly by Well Mother so please contact us if you are interested


London: British School of Shiatsu-Do (North London)

Pregnancy massage

Sunday 15th October 2017

Bristol: Centre for Whole Health (South Bristol)

Infant Massage: session for pre crawling babies, Saturday 14th November 2015

Pregnancy massage

Sunday 2nd April 2017

Shiatsu: Bristol, Centre for Whole Heath (South Bristol)

Midwives and doulas course:

Friday 22nd September 2017: pregnancy and postnatal options

Shiatsu practitioners course: 


This will be 2018: shiatsu session for pregnant mothers at any stage of pregnancy

Birth preparation

2018: session for pregnant mothers in third trimester only and ideally with birth partner: aim is to learn some shiatsu support for labour


2018: Postnatal shiatsu session for mothers. You may bring your baby as long as it is pre-crawling but the focus of this session is shiatsu for the mother

2018: Infant shiatsu session open for mothers and fathers. Open for pre-crawling babies only

Maternity Shiatsu or massage Clinics abroad

Please contact the local course organisers for dates and further information





Paris: Il y a une dispensaire tous les mois un jeudi ou les etudiants qui on fait les stages avec Suzanne vont travailler avec les femmes en maternite pour un prix reduit. Cout 15 euros Dispensaire Shiatsu Maternite Paris





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