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Articles and research

Articles and information written for the Well Mother website

Shiatsu can help dads play a vital role in Childbirth

From old Well Mother newsletters:

A Midwife Using Shiatsu – Patti’s Story
Midwife Patti Saha, working in London, illustrates how safely, easily and effectively shiatsu skills can be integrated into midwifery

Shiatsu with a Practitioner – Jan and Laura’s Story
In their own words perspective of how Laura went to see Jan Walker, obstetric physiotherapist and shiatsu practitioner, working in Manchester, throughout her antenatal care and postnatal recovery.


The Value of Massage during Pregnancy and Childbirth: An Exploration of Practitioners’ Views (pdf). Karen Simpson May 2010.

Ingram, J., Domagala, C., Yates, S., 2005. The effects of shiatsu on post term pregnancy. Comp. Ther. Med. 13, 11 – 15.

Published articles and book chapters

Chapter on Massage during pregnancy in Foundations of Massage Elsevier Australia Casenelia and Stelfox D  pp 262-269.

Shiatsu for Babies and Children – A success story in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (pdf) by Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke published in Shiatsu Society, Autumn 2011

La importancia del Vaso Penetrante (pdf)
Entendiendo el papel de la Sangre para las mujeres a lo largo de su vida: con un enfoque especial a los cambios durante el embarazo. Publicado en APSE newsletter

Das Penetrationsgefäß (Chong Mai) – ein „Supermeridian“
Die wichtige Rolle des Penetrationsgefäßes und des Blutes im Leben einer Frau. Schwerpunkt: Die Veränderungen des Blutes während der Schwangerschaft German Shiatsu Society news

Shiatsu and maternity care: a new  relationship (pdf)
Reprinted with the kind permission of the Shiatsu Society UK, Shiatsu Society Journal Summer 2010

Ingram, J., Domagala, C., Yates, S., 2005. The effects of shiatsu on post term pregnancy. Comp. Ther. Med. 13, 11 – 15:

Birth as a journey (pdf) by Suzanne Yates (first published in Shiatsu Society (UK) news Autumn 2009 and in Pointers, Australian Shiatsu magazine 2009)

The Extraordinary vessels and women’s health by Suzanne Yates (first published in Shiatsu Society UK news winter 2009)

Shiatsu: an ancient art. Practising Midwife 2006 March 9 (3) 30

Shiatsu for Midwives book

The Heart-Uterus, Kidney-Uterus and Penetrating Vessel Meridians in MaternityThe Shiatsu Society News Number 71 (Autumn 1999)

Shiatsu and Massage in Pregnancy and Childbirth
Positive Health Issue 41 June 1999

Integrating Shiatsu and Massage for Holistic Maternity Care

MIDIRS Midwifery Digest Vol.8 No.4 (December 1998)

Redefining the role of Shiatsu in Pregnancy, Birth and Babyhood
The Shiatsu Society News (Winter 1997)

Shiatsu Und Massage Während Der Schwangerschaft, Geburt Und Nach Der Geburt Für Mutter Und
Ein Artikel auf Deutsch

Optimal Fetal Positioning – perspectives from a shiatsu practitioner
The Practising Midwife*

Book review of Shiatsu Therapy for Pregnancy by Bronwyn Whitlocke