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Well Mother Pregnancy and Birth Stories

This page is for women, and their partners, to share pregnancy and birth experiences. The aim is to compile an easily accessible, indexed resource primarily for support and, ultimately, to help improve the services offered by health professionals. There are other websites that include birth stories- what we are specifically hoping to collect here are stories containing the following as a significant focus:

  • Your feelings of connection and disconnection with yourself, whether due to medical intervention or your own state.
  • Your experiences of connection with your baby, in pregnancy, during birth and after.
  • Aspects of your experience you found a source of growth, whether from negative or positive events.
  • What you may like to be different for another time.


All accounts will remain completely anonymous and confidential except for the stories themselves being placed on this website. All stories are under control of your copyright and further protected by the copyright of this site. No addresses will be forwarded to any other source. E-mail addresses will only be put up if you specifically request. We leave it to you to make any changes in detail such as names and locations (though the country of your experience is often useful for people to relate to).

Please send your experiences to in the form of an e-mail. Thank you!


Vaginal birth after two previous Caesarean sections
by “S”

Love, Marriage, Dreams, and a Miscarriage
by Nicolette J West Jackter