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Continuing professional development

Continuing Education events

video-suzanne-group2These are courses to help you be able to continue to develop your work with maternity clients. Some are taught by Well Mother teachers and for others we bring in the expertise of outside specialists. Some are half day or one day courses. There is a regular  Residential gathering every couple of years, which people find to be a very enriching experience, both for their work and for them personally.

If you want to attend a day of a course which you have already attended as revision/CPD then you can pay half price. If you are wanting to train as a teacher then you begin by assisting on courses. This means you can attend the course for free in exchange for assisting.

Open to shiatsu practitioners, massage therapists and midwives, doulas and other professionals who have attended a Well Mother course, unless stated otherwise.

Numbers are limited so please book your place as soon as you can. Course booking information.

Costs and dates

See each course for details
Early booking discount – you need to pay for whole course 8 weeks before start date.

Residential: Coming into being  May 2018

I am running a course based on exploring our journey from conception to the first year of our lives. This will involve exercises and meditations to help you understand this period more deeply and then guided shiatsu and massage sessions where you can integrate this into your work with clients. These could be maternity clients, including those trying to conceive, or with babies or indeed with any client.

This course is open to everyone who has done a course with me: midwives, massage and shiatsu therapists, wherever in the world. It is a great opportunity to meet up and exchange work and get more input. The course is very much for you to deepen your work: with input from me, as well as from your colleagues. As the course is in beautiful countryside, weather depending, we will  be doing some work outside in nature and having some space to relax while understanding more about your work. It is fun and inspiring.

I am still working out exactly when and where this course will be held

More about residential CPD events

Individual Supervision and Small Study Groups: Regular group in London with Nicola Endicott

If you would like to have individual supervision once you have completed your training with us, or additional supervision while you are training,  many of our teachers are able to offer this. This can be offered as one to one supervision (which is currently at a cost of £40 per hour with teachers, £30 hour with assistant teachers or £50 an hour with Suzanne) or small study groups. This can be face to face supervision or on Skype. Please contact the relevant teacher for details. You may want to organise a small group of people in your area to have some regular supervision.

Nicola Endicott  runs regular small study groups in London. They are open to anyone who has studied with Suzanne Yates: midwife, doula, educator, shiatsu or massage therapist.The aim of the group is for Well Mother students and practitioners to receive supervision and extra training on working with pregnant women as well as pregnancy, birth and postnatal treatments.


For details of the next Wellmother practice class contact Nicola

The group will practice and revise any aspects of the Wellmother courses that you wish to re-visit or clarify. The agenda for the day is decided by the group on the day, based on what those attending want to study. There is a limit to 5 people attending the group.

The class needs to be booked in advance, either with a cheque to Nicola Endicott or via online credit to her account. Further details can be obtained from Nicola

Contact; e-mail or tel 01306-640389.

Teacher training

Suzanne is supporting her second group of trainee teachers who did some teaching on the last Holycombe Residential in May 2014. She is not currently considering training more teachers.

More about teacher training

CPD Day courses

I have not got any organised for the moment, but please let me know if you have specific ideas.

Honouring the cycles of renewal and creation – a course for Shiatsu practitioners with Nicola Endicott

‘How to fine tune your Shiatsu to support women’s monthly cycle and men’s natural energy rhythm’.

We live in a society that values results, forgetting where and what has happened for them to come about. The natural cycles of day and night allow us to rest and renew our energy in order to be active in the day; most of us know that if we don’t sleep enough it can be difficult to function the next day. Similarly we have a cycle of seasons, plants renew their energy in the winter and fruit in the summer, most people experience higher energy levels in the summer, when there is more daylight and lower energy in the winter. Some people sleep more in the winter and less in the summer. However in our modern living setup, the expectation is that we will work as much and be as productive whatever the time of year.
Another cycle which gets much neglected is the monthly cycle; some people notice they have more energy with full moon and less energy with the new moon. Most menstruating women experience renewed energy in the run up to ovulation and a time of introspection and need for rest when menstruating.
Our long term health can be better supported, if we can honour our changing needs throughout our monthly and seasonal cycles.
Some of the more obvious symptoms of not renewing our energy are ‘burnout’, exhaustion, menstrual irregularities, difficulties with fertility, emotional volatility and depression. Addressing these issues through Shiatsu, can be more effective with an understanding of the receivers ‘cycle’ of renewal and requires the co-operation of the client to address changes in life style, which support their energy.
Nicola Endicott runs a one day Shiatsu workshop for Shiatsu practitioners, which aims to:
a. Bring more awareness to our daily, monthly and seasonal cycles of energy renewal. Discover more ways to support ourselves within these.
b. Look at theoretical understanding of women’s monthly cycle within the western and eastern health models. Discuss symptoms of imbalance in the cycle and how we could readdress these within a Shiatsu session.
c. Give several Shiatsu sessions to others on the course, using the new understanding of the role cycles and theoretical health knowledge covered on the course.
d. Explore Shiatsu points , exercises and lifestyle changes, that could be supportive to the changing needs at different phases of the cycles.

The next course is on

June 2017. I would offer an early bird fee before April 2017 early booking  £135. Otherwise £150. Dorking, Surrey

Contact Nicola Endicott for a booking form: or 01306-640389

Australia Melbourne CPD

Courses are run every couple of years here when Suzanne is over for her teaching programme. Enquire for details. These courses vary.

Her next trip is September 2018

The Australian Shiatsu College

103 Evans Street
Brunswick VIC 3056
Ph: 03 9387 1161 Fax: 03 9387 1191

How to book

How to book maternity courses

For course dates, please click on the course you are interested in and you will find a link to the course dates on the left hand side of the page

If you would like to book a course in the UK you can email a copy of the correct booking form directly to Well Mother.

More information maternity courses

If you would like to book a course, but have a few more questions before booking, then please don’t hesitate to email

or phone us with any questions – see our contact details.

If you would like to book a course outside the UK, please contact the relevant organiser.

Methods of payment accepted are:

  • Cheque (payable to Well Mother)
  • Bank transfer (details available on demand)
  • PayPal (there is an additional charge of £15)