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Course participants projects

I have been very inspired by many of the projects and coursework I have received from students so I have decided, with their permission, to put some of them up on the website. When there is so little good information on bodywork in pregnancy, I hope this will be a valuable resource. Personal details in the articles have been either checked with the individuals concerned and/or slightly modified to preserve confidentiality.

Some of these have been written with parents in mind, so hopefully you will find some useful information here.

Massage Therapists

Pregnancy Massage: A relief for backaches during pregnancy by Tan Luor Shyuan Maudrene

On Love and Loss: Saying Hello and Letting Go How massage can support if there is miscarriage by Olivia Tebbutt

The journey to motherhood How holistic massage can help support you emotionally through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, by Anna Hope BA Hons MTI

What role does massage and medical intervention from the GP and mid wife play in supporting a Mother’s exercise regime pre and post birth? by Vanessa Mansergh

Massage Course Project How can massage support women in pregnancy, birth and postnatally  by Mathilde Barbier

Perineal Massage in Pregnancy and Labour by Sharon Callcott Review of studies on the effects of perineal massage during pregnancy and labour on episiotomies and tears. Also, personal experience and practice implications.

Control by Laura Hayward A look at how our experience of pregnancy and birth can benefit by gaining a greater understanding of our bodies, minds and accepting our limitations, and admitting to the negative effects of our self-destructive necessity to be perfect and in control at all times.

The Value of Including Husbands / Partners in Pregnancy and Labour Massage by June Semper A look at relevant literature about the subject and how this therapist then structured her sessions to include fathers in massage, exercise and breathing, plus an assessment of the process.

Pregnancy Massage, Eclamsia and Pre-eclamsia by Angela Wray A project about pre-eclampsia during pregnancy and its treatment including using massage.

Midwives, Doulas and Birth Educators

Antenatal and Postnatal Initiatives in Complementary Therapies Education by Maggie Evans

Caesarean birth how to support women pre- and post surgery (PDF) by Beverly Pearson (December 2007)

Shiatsu Practitioners

Shiatsu Baby Massage Workshops for Parents and Shiatsu Practitioners by Tania Gallindo

Tension and Letting Go by Georgie Harland A discussion on how tension and stress can build up during the birth process, and how this can be aleviated using shiatsu, breathing, movement, touch, and being happy!

Shiatsu with the Pre-birth Baby by Hannah Mackay, 2000-1 An examination of the use of shiatsu to help the baby in the womb and help the mother / baby connection. Illustrated with case examples.

Shiatsu Practitioners’ Role in Maternity Care by Lucy Trend A record of and commentary on the two day conference from the point of view of a private Shiatsu practitioner on the outside of the Health Service. It seeks to serve as information equally for practitioners involved in the field of maternity care, and practitioners interested in issues concerning Integrated Health Care.