Find a maternity massage or shiatsu therapist: Well Mother Maternity Register

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Find a maternity massage or shiatsu therapist: Well Mother register

To find someone in your area click on the region list on the left hand column: the map is not a clickable link!

Are you a parent looking for a well qualified pregnancy massage therapist, shiatsu practitioners and other maternity professionals, including midwives, trained in the Well Mother approach.

You may also be looking for a practitioner who has an understanding of the impact of the maternity period on all of us, whether parents or not.  Most of our practitioners will work with both men and women at all stages of their lives.

Suzanne Yates, director of Well Mother, sees clients in Bristol, UK and there are people who have trained with her in the UK and abroad. You can email her or the relevant practitioner to book an appointment.

The members of the register are professionals who have attended the relevant Well Mother courses, been assessed for their practical abilities and completed the subsequent coursework to the required standard, and have chosen to be included here.

If there is no-one in your region listed, it may be that we can refer you to someone who has chosen not to be listed here or is still in the process of completing their coursework.

You might also want to read Choosing the right maternity practitioner for you which helps you think about the kind of questions you might want to ask a practitioner.