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Well Mother community

Welcome to the Well Mother community

For professionals

video-suzanne-group2As well as meeting with other practitioners during courses we want to facilitate communication between practitioners outside courses.

We offer support during the time you are studying with us and afterwards offer Continuing Education events and supervision and a Facebook group and newsletter.

For parents

As well as putting you in touch with the right practitioner for you, we want to encourage you to contact us with questions, or to share your experiences. You can contact us directly or via the Facebook page

Professionals: Support while you complete case studies and set up your maternity practice

We offer you help during your period of setting up your practice. We believe that doing the case studies helps you not only to consolidate your knowledge but also to start making contacts, both with pregnant clients as well as midwives and other health professionals working with pregnancy clients, including yoga teachers. During the case study period, you will be supported with any questions regarding clients either with contact with Suzanne or other Well Mother teachers. Client confidentiality will always be maintained.

Well Mother practitioner and student discussion Yahoo group

The discussion group is on Yahoo groups 

The purpose of this group, as opposed to the Well Mother Facebook group is to discuss particular issues with clients in more detail than on FB.

All participants need to abide by the confidentiality rules listed on the board. The purpose of it is to create a safe place for you to support each other, post your questions, raise and discuss issues, share experiences and cases, and network. Suzanne is happy to support you by answering specific questions, but sometimes she is not around for a week or so. As one of Suzanne’s aims is to encourage networking and peer support, this is an opportunity for you to answer each others questions.

Messages and group members details are only be visible to other group members. Only people who have been on a Well Mother course or who are currently on a course will have access to the group as you will see when you go there to sign up.

You can either choose to view messages on the website or have individual messages sent to you. You can change this option whenever you like at the website. The Yahoo! system involves you signing up with them (very simple) and then applying to join the Well Mother group. Just click on the link above and follow the instructions.

If you are new to Yahoo! and have to create an account, it is helpful if you include at least some of your name in your choice of Yahoo! ID so other members can identify you more easily. You can also create a Yahoo! profile where you can put your full name, location, and occupation so other users of the group can see. Your email address can be put on here or left visible to group members only by editing your preferences on the Well Mother Group page. See as an example of how this can look.

If you have any problems let me know. I look forward to seeing you there!

Well Mother Facebook group

The difference between this group and the Yahoo group is that this one is a little more open. People who are interested in Well Mother’s work but who have not necessarily attended a course may also join, although the majority of members are Well Mother students. This is more a networking, sharing thoughts, ideas, interesting articles, video clips and so on.

Links with others who support the Well Mother approach and whose work we support

Creating families

In Bristol: we are part of Creating families: a group of women who run businesses based around supporting women and their families in various ways. We support each other in our work. I first worked with Dom,  Amanda and Eva when in the 90’s we were trying to set up a Birth centre in Bristol. We each went our separate ways and meanwhile established our own businesses. Now we have come back together, with a few additional members to support each other in our work:  “Our networks help you navigate your parenting journey”. Part of this is to write on each others blogs.

Eva Fernandes

Co-founder of Born nursery stores, selling environmentally friendly, natural, organic, fair trade and practical products for parents and their babies as well as workshops and information on complementary practitioners. Eva is on the cover of my Shiatsu for midwives book and she is a great networker. She uses Born as a way of connecting people and not simply products. She has supports some wonderful causes like the Breastmilk bank. and website

April Whincop

La Leche League Leader and Lactation Consultant

I only recently met April in the group, but already I love her supportive approach to breastfeeding and her clear perspectives on how to support women

Becky Ward

Founder of Big Mama Slings, Baby Calm tutor and Buyer for Born Becky was a client of mine for a while and she wrote a testimonial for the book. She has great clarity on how to communicate with parents

Dominique Sakoilsky

Founder of Relaxed Birth and Parenting, Author of the 7 Secrets of a Joyful Birth, Craniosacral Therapist and couples Counsellor, Active birth teacher.

When I first met Dom I was teaching my weekly Well Mother classes in Bristol and it was great to have someone else doing similar work. I love Dom’s way of connecting with people.

Amanda Rayment

Master Herbalist  and Founder of Welcome World Cafe, birth educator.

I first met Amanda when she attended one of my early Well Mother classes while pregnant and we worked together during two pregnancies. I find Amanda’s reflective approach to her work, inspiring.

Juliana Hounsfield

Co-director of the Family Practice. Osteopath, specialising in pregnancy, birth and children

I only recently met Juliana through the group but it is great to be working alongside an osteopath who specialises in pregnancy and birth and babies. She has so many enthusiastic and innovative ideas.