More information on this course coming soon!

I am still deciding whether to open it up to both shiatsu practitioners and massage therapists.

I will be creating the on line version of this course soon and will update you on that. There will be a version for postnatal work with mother and also an infant shiatsu/massage course.

Meanwhile you might like to read about postnatal work with the mother in my book Pregnancy and childbirth

If you are a massage therapist you might want to read the review Choosing a postnatal massage course

Dates and location

  • Centre for Whole Health, Bristol BS3 3BP, 4 days
    27/06/2019 - 30/06/2019


Suzanne Yates

Suzanne is the founder and principal teacher at Well Mother

Entrance Requirements

  • A shiatsu practitioner who has already attended a course with Suzanne or (for the first two days, postnatal work with mums) a pregnancy massage therapist who has attended the Pregnancy Massage course or ( for the second two days: infant shiatsu) an Infant massage therapist who has attended Shiatsu course in person or on line. Contact us for more information.

Supporting material

Pregnancy and Childbirth: a holistic approach to massage and bodywork

Suzanne Yates

order the book


£310 (early booking 8 weeks before) or £335