Women's cycles from menstruation through the perimenopause and beyond: support for you and your clients.

Would you like a deeper understanding of how women’s energy changes through their whole life from the onset of puberty to the ending of menstruation? Would you also like to have tools to support yourself, wherever you are at in this journey?  This course offers an opportunity to build on our maternity work and extend it to women who are not pregnant, but may have menstrual issues, or who are trying to conceive. We will also learn about how the fertility cycle switches off and how to support women during this time (the perimenopause) and beyond.

The difference, and benefit, of being on a residential is having the space to connect more deeply with where we are at personally, as well as in our therapist role, through having more time to exercise, meditate and have time to reflect and relax as well as  longer practical sessions which allow the work to be geared to your needs. Although we  cover relevant theory, the focus is more on the experiential aspects of the work .

It is open to anyone who has already studied with me. Unlike the previous residentials, I will be doing all the teaching on this one, but there will still be time for some sharing your work and skills with other students.

If you are a massage therapist, please be aware that we will be including shiatsu (as many participants are shiatsu practitioners)  so if you want to brush up your shiatsu skills you might want to consider doing the on line course on shiatsu

If you would like some more information about the Residential you might want to read the Blog of the last residential, written by Alexandra Gelny or the one which I wrote Blog  

Note that you must have already attended a Course  with Wellmother to enroll onto this course. Please contact us for more information.

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What you will learn


• Eastern understandings of the menstrual cycle, which will help you integrate the Extraordinary Vessels along with the 12 channels into your work with all female clients: (if you are a massage therapist or midwife, we will do this in a way which is also relevant for you)

• Relevant Anatomy and Physiology of the menstrual cycle in an engaging and practical way

• More about your own connection to your menstrual cycle

• How the menstrual cycle slows down as we move through the menopause and physical, emotional or spiritual issues that these changes bring up,

• How we integrate these changed energies after the menopause and in later life and how to process and support this period

• Breathing, visualisations and exercises as well as practical shiatsu and massage sessions to help you understand the nature of these changes, which will benefit both you and your clients


Times: Start 4pm Wednesday finish 4 pm Sunday.
A Typical Day
07.15-08.15 Exercise & meditation (optional)
08.15-09.15 Breakfast
09.30-13.00 Practical Work
13.00-15.30 Lunch, Siesta, Walk
15.30-19.30 Practical Session
19.30 Supper
21.15 Exercise & meditation(optional) : one evening an “event” : a celebration/ceremony depending on needs of group

Your location: Giulia di Gallese, agriturismo

We will be at an Agriturismo near Rome, less than an hour by train from Fiumicino airport.  http://www.giuliadigallese.com/home-eng

The teaching room is a former church with a lovely atmosphere. It is airy and has lovely light. There is also an outdoor area to do exercises just beside the church.

The food is awesome, as Giulia who is running the place, loves cooking. It will be organic and vegetarian. The local village, Gallese, is about 10 minutes walking distance.



I have really enjoyed the CPD training over the years , in particular the residentials. These are 5 days of bliss, meeting wise women, inspirational teachers and therapists and allowing myself rest and physical, emotional, social and spiritual nourishment in an idyllic setting. They have introduced me to Qi Kung and yoga, which I now incorporate into my daily life and into my teaching sessions.

Catherine Tugnait

Massage therapist and NCT teacher


Available languages

  • English
  • some Italian support

Dates and location

  • Guilia di Gallese, agriturismo, countryside one hour from Rome, Italy
    09/05/2018 - 13/05/2018


Suzanne Yates

Suzanne is the founder and principle teacher at Well Mother

Entrance Requirements

  • You need to have already attended a Wellmother course, but you can come from any discipline. Note that we will be working a lot with the energies of Chinese medicine and especially the Extraordinary Vessels, so if you are less familiar with these you might want to do the on line Shiatsu foundation course to brush up your skills.


Cost: teaching £335. You can pay a deposit of £100 but balance is due by March 20th. Payments to Wellmother on line

Cost: Accommodation: 280 euros for the 4 days’ full board and accommodation. Possibility to arrive a few days before i.e. from 6th May, stay extra days full board at 70 euros a day/half board 60 euros. This is payable direct to Giulia di Gallese (details on reserving) before March 18.

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space for you, to be nourished on all levels, reflect, deepen your work

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