Support women, babies and their partners to be more connected to their inner wisdom so that they can be more directly involved in their pregnancies, preparing for birth, motherhood and beyond.

You will learn the principles of shiatsu touch, based on the concept of nurturing the body as a whole. The body is seen as a microcosm of the earth/universe and therefore influenced by the rhythms of the seasons and the outside world. We need to nurture the body like a garden. Shiatsu can not only relieve physical symptoms but enable people to tap into their own resources, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. This different approach to maternity care will enhance not just your touch skills but the way you support women with breathing, exercise and visualisations. You will even learn skills to support your own well being and prevent burn out.

You will:

understand the perinatal period in a new way, which will enhance your work with your clients, not simply adding in additional touch based skills, but a new approach to breathing, visualisation, movement and exercise

learn basic theoretical and practical principles of Chinese medicine and shiatsu in a simple and safe way, so that you can immediately start applying them to your work through the whole maternity period: pregnancy, birth and postnatally.

explore how shiatsu-based skills can support you personally – promoting your own well-being and preventing ‘burn-out’.

Shiatsu offers a specific form of healing touch and a different approach to maternity care which can enhance your work. You will learn basic theoretical and practical principles of Chinese medicine and shiatsu in a simple and safe way, so that you can immediately start applying them to your work through the whole maternity period: pregnancy, birth and postnatally.

This course has been running since 1999 teaching aspects of shiatsu which are relevant to midwives and other maternity health professionals. It has developed over the years through Suzanne’s teaching in different birth settings both in the UK and internationally. During the course you will complete a supervised practical session with maternity clients. After the course, you can chose to complete case studies and a project so that you can receive the Wellmother diploma in Shiatsu and maternity care.

The full course is in two parts. You can choose to attend part 1 only but in order to attend part 2 you need to have attended part one. Please contact us for more information.

What you will learn

  • Knowledge of shiatsu techniques for different stages of pregnancy.
  • Shiatsu techniques for labour, including their use in various birth positions and how to include these in birth preparation sessions with partners.
  • Awareness and massage of the baby in the womb, including techniques to aid anterior cephalic presentation of baby.
  • Shiatsu techniques appropriate for the new-born, including how to teach to parents.
  • Use of exercise, breathing, relaxation, visualisations: this will not only be of use in supporting your clients, but useful for you personally and help you learn new skills to relaxation to enhance your own well-being and vitality and reduce burn out..
  • Oriental views of pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period – including energy changes in the mother and development of the foetus/baby: this can give you a new approach to your work .
  • Supporting development of the mother’s and father’s relationship with the baby and their confidence in their own bodies and wisdom.
  • Guidelines on how the shiatsu approach can be included within midwifery practice including when to refer to a Shiatsu practitioner or other relevant health professional.

Suzanne’s course for midwives enabled me in 6 days to have a good knowledge of the main ways in which to balance energy with shiatsu. I was able to use it immediately in my work.

Shiatsu touch enables a quick and profound connection with a labouring woman. Almost immediately she can relax and go with the process. My connections with my clients have been enriched.

Fabienne Taugwalder


More detail

The full training is 6 days (9.30-5.30 each day). The first three days can be attended on their own as an introduction.

During the first three days:

We will cover:

  • Introduction to key theoretical concepts (Qi, Jing, Meridians)
  • Introduction to Shiatsu Meridian Exercises
  • Introduction to Practical Principles of Shiatsu (working positions and posture, use of pressure, Mother hand/working hand, feeling full and empty energy patterns)
  • Shiatsu work for Labour (covering work in the all 4’s position, including the ball, sacrum, back, neck, Governing Vessel and Bladder meridians,  labour points)
  • Shiatsu in the side position for Bladder, Governing Vessel and Gall Bladder with some initial connections with abdomen/baby and Yin meridians

By the end of these three days you will have some safe and effective shiatsu skills and understandings which you can use with your clients for specific situations such as back ache, connecting with baby, supporting optimal fetal positioning as well as skills  you can teach parents in birth preparation classes.

During the second three days: 

We deepen and review our knowledge of the first three days and look in more detail at pregnancy as well as the postnatal period. On the last afternoon, we have a supervised parent and baby clinic. We invite a mix of pregnant and postnatal mums and their babies and partners.

A practical skill such as shiatsu needs a time of repetition and consolidation. We also take time to clarify and deepen your understanding of the theory which is so different from the western approach and takes time to integrate more fully.

We will cover

  • Development and consolidation of shiatsu theory including learning about the Penetrating and Girdle vessel
  • Development of Shiatsu Meridian Exercises
  • Shiatsu for the abdomen, neck, legs (Gall Bladder, Stomach, Bladder) and arms (Lung , Heart Protector) and the Penetrating Vessel
  • Shiatsu for Pregnancy and the postnatal period



Dates and location

  • Part 1 London, London School of Capoeira, N4 3RQ
    09/07/2018 - 11/07/2018
  • Part 2 London, London School of Capoeira, N4 3RQ
    19/11/2018 - 21/11/2018


Suzanne Yates

Suzanne is the founder and principal teacher at Well Mother

Entrance Requirements

  • You are already a professional working the maternity field (midwife, doula, pregnancy yoga teacher, pregnancy massage therapist). This course does not cover in detail western maternity theory. If you want to cover this then consider the birth course (on line or in person).

  • Depending on your profession and your employment status, you need appropriate insurance. Wellmother can support you in supplying relevant certificates of attendance and course syllabus.

Supporting material

Shiatsu for midwives

Suzanne Yates

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This is a course in two parts: but you can attend just the first part: July dates.
Cost: Full price for part one (July) and part two (November) combined £540 full price or £495 early booking (pay by May 16th)
Part one: July only: £280 full price or £260 early booking (pay by May 16th)
Part two: November only: but you have to have attended July or another course with Suzanne to attend this: £280 full price or £260 early booking (pay by September 24th)
Repeating: if you have already attended this course, either with Suzanne, Lucy, Samara, or another Wellmother teacher, you can repeat for half price: contact us for a discount code

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support women, babies and their partners to be more connected to their inner wisdom

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