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Learn to give Shiatsu to a Friend/Partner

This is an introductory workshop and you don't need to know anything about shiatsu to join.

Shiatsu is a powerful touch based tool which can release both physical and emotional tension. It uses simple and yet effective pressure based techniques to work with the points and energy pathways of Chinese medicine.

Simple to learn and yet effective , you can immediately start using some of its basic skills to enhance your connection with a partner or friend.

We will learn techniques for releasing tension in the shoulders, neck and lower back and connect with your spirit.

For more information on what shiatsu is,  you can read my blog.

What does the workshop involve?

This introductory workshop is run as a live Zoom session and you will have access to the recording for a month afterwards.

You will need to have:

  • a partner to practice with
  • a comfortable space
  • a chair or an exercise ball, whichever is more comfortable
  • wear loose fitting clothing
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Suzanne has been teaching shiatsu for partners since 1990 when she set up Wellmother in Bristol. She has developed her work so that it is relevant for everyone, not only those preparing for birth.

Dates and location

  • 16h-17h (GMT) Zoom link on booking
    17/01/2021 - 17/01/2021


Suzanne Yates

Suzanne Yates

Suzanne is the founder and principal teacher at Wellmother, established 1990

Entrance Requirements

  • Open to anyone who would like to learn some simple Shiatsu techniques to share with a friend.

  • You will need to have a friend or partner to practice on.

Supporting material

This year we’re supporting the Shiatsu Society's festive "12 Days of Shiatsu" so you can enjoy Shiatsu-based practices online throughout December and January run by expert Member Practitioners. Buy a ticket for yourself or give the gift of Shiatsu and buy for another!

Shiatsu Society (UK)


£20 for 2 people
We donate a small percentage of this to the Inga Foundation and Water Aid.

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