You don’t necessarily have to be a massage therapist or shiatsu practitioner to benefit from our approach.

We have had therapists ranging from acupuncturists, osteopaths to  yoga teachers and physiotherapists working with us.  Which course is best suited for you will depend on what field you are working in and how you want to enhance your skills, so do feel free to contact us if you are not sure which course is the best one for you.

However, here are some initial suggestions for you to consider in

Choosing the right course for you

You know about eastern approaches....

...and want to specialise in maternity work, but don’t use so much the hands on skills in your work then the in person or on line Shiatsu maternity care courses are the ones for you

...but not so much about the Extraordinary Vessels then Transforming your work with the Extraordinary Vessels is the course for you

...and are confident with your hands on skills, then you might want to consider doing one of the Shiatsu practitioners courses

You don’t know eastern approaches...

....and are working with birth,  you might want to do the Supporting Birth on line course,

...would like to learn more then: Shiatsu foundation skills in person or on line is the course for you

More information about our work  

The old blogs at WordPress are now integrated into the site and I have created blogs for lots of the tips and techniques information which was on the old site, including student’ s projects.

I have suggested some blogs which you might find interesting, but you can always search key words: enjoy!

Shiatsu and osteopathy

Maternity shiatsu for acupuncturists


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