Why study shiatsu?

You can find out more about shiatsu from reading about how midwives have used it in their work

Review of shiatsu for midwives course: Julie Williams

Latest in person course news

Thank you to everyone who studied with us in 2017.

If you would like an introduction to our work you might want to attend the Beautiful Birth event  on February 8th in London or February 11th Bristol: more information soon!

If you have already attended a course with Suzanne we have the Residential course in the countryside near Rome May 2018, English week.

The next 6 day UK course for Midwives in London is the Shiatsu for midwives and doulas starting in London in July 2018. Lucy Trend is running two days in Edinburgh in November.

Suzanne will be teaching a 2 day midwife and doulas course in Melbourne, Australia in September 2018.

On line courses

We have now launched the on line courses, so you can start training with Suzanne whenever you want, with the  Shiatsu Foundation course or if you already know some shiatsu then Transforming your work with the Extraordinary Vessels.

Meanwhile you could read one of Suzanne's books

Information about our work

The old blogs at WordPress are now integrated into the site and I have created blogs for lots of the tips and techniques information which was on the old site, including student’ s projects.

I have suggested some blogs which you might find interesting, but you can always search key words: enjoy!


What is shiatsu? 

Shiatsu audit for post term pregnancy: St Michael's Bristol

Review of shiatsu for midwives course: Julie Williams

Midwives using shiatsu to help women in labour

Midwife using shiatsu: Pata Saha

Midwife using shiatsu: Carol Eames


Suzanne’s course for midwives enabled me in 6 days to have a good knowledge of the main ways in which to balance energy with shiatsu. I was able to use it immediately in my work.

Shiatsu touch enables a quick and profound connection with a labouring woman. Almost immediately she can relax and go with the process. My connections with my clients have been enriched.

Fabienne Taugwalder