Information for Therapy Centres, Spas, Academies and Hotels

For an overview of all that we offer for massage therapists, please visit the Discover Massage therapists page. Sometimes Spas, hotels, therapy centres and academies are interested in running the Massage and Pregnancy APNT Diploma course or sending their therapists on it.  However we have also developed a special Pregnancy Massage certificate which is designed more specifically for the needs of spas. We can also tailor make courses to suit your individual needs, and can  incorporate information on shiatsu. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.You can feel confident that once your therapists have completed the Massage Pregnancy courses, they will hold one of the most rigorous pregnancy massage qualifications in the world. In addition, they can continue to develop their work through Continuing Education Days and other courses which Well Mother runs through the year.

Option 1: Organise a course at your centre

The centre will need to provide a suitable space for teaching the course and should supply couches. Suzanne will base her teaching fee on the number of course attendees – the maximum limit is 20 participants. The cost includes manuals, certification, travel and administration costs. In addition, there is an assessment fee of £50 per person, which includes a practical assessment on the last day of the course, plus case study assessment and supervision for 6 months under the APNT if you would like your therapists to have the APNT Well Mother Diploma. It is also helpful if you can provide accommodation for the tutor for the course duration.

Pregnancy massage certificate

An internationally recognised Certificate in Pregnancy Massage designed for Spas

We can come to your spa to run this course.

Training package

We have developed a specific training package adapted to the needs of the Spa working environment.

Quotes from student “ best course I  have ever attended”

This includes:

  • pre spa consultation (via Skype or email) to identify your specific training needs, and advise on appropriate resources (eg bolsters, cushions etc)
  • courses run over split days, ( ie half day attendance for each of 2 groups of therapists) so that you can train all your therapists and keep your spa running
  • training for your receptionists in screening and booking pregnant clients
  • training content designed to enable all staff to work safely and effectively with pregnant clients
  • training content includes modifications to pregnancy massage so that therapists are able to meet the differing needs of individual pregnant clients
  • theory and practical assessments during courses so that at the end of the training therapists are qualified to work
  • support to develop the most appropriate pregnancy protocol for your individual spa: your own luxury package
  • written material includes: overview of routine and modifications, relevant anatomy and physiology and pathology,  work sheets, screening procedures
  • training primarily in English, however Well Mother recognises the importance of not disadvantaging students where English is not their first language. Instead of a formal written exam we have work packs which can  include oral questioning and direct student/teacher interaction if the students are finding it difficult to express themselves in writing
  • post course support to enable you to create the most appropriate package for your resort (eg reviewing your promotional materials, consultation form etc)
  • certification recognised by Well Mother and the APNT (Association of Physical and Natural Therapists) who have been validating Well Mother courses since 1998.

Option 2: Send people on an existing course organised by Well Mother

Another option is to send your therapists on an existing course organised by Well Mother  – you  may be able to benefit from a group booking discount.

If 3 people book onto a course, they are eligible for a reduction of £25 per person off the usual course cost
If 4-6 people book they will be eligible for a 20% discount per person

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