Latest in person course news

Thank you everyone who attended our courses in 2017: we look forward to working with you in 2018. There are still spaces on the spring courses.

If you have not studied with Wellmother before, then Nicola Endicott starts the year with a weekend on the Extraordinary Vessels and fertility on 27/28 January.  Suzanne is doing a Pregnancy foundation course in Amsterdam in April. After attending foundation course you can attend any module course.

We have some new events  in February to celebrate  Beautiful Birth event : London on 8th February and Bristol on the 11th: more information soon!

If you have already attended a course with Suzanne we still have a few spaces left on the Residential course in the countryside near Rome May 2018, English week

The next UK series of courses for Shiatsu practitioners  who have not yet studied with Suzanne is starting on 20th June 2018 with a new foundation module:

Extraordinary Vessels, the menstrual cycle and natural and assisted , fertility

This course can be attended on its own: but it is also a pre-requisite for attending the Maternity Modules: Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal. When you have completed all modules and relevant case study work, you can obtain the Wellmother Maternity Diploma. The Pregnancy module is  October 2018 with Birth February 2019 and Postnatal June 2019

Suzanne will be teaching foundation and advanced courses in Melbourne, Australia and New Zealand in September 2018.

On line courses

We have now launched the on line courses, so you can start training with Suzanne whenever you want, with the Extraordinary Vessels course  or the Birth course. Pregnancy and Postnatal courses will be coming soon.

Meanwhile you could read one of Suzanne's books

Latest Blogs and more information about our work:

The old blogs at WordPress are now integrated into the site and I have created blogs for lots of the tips and techniques information which was on the old site, including students projects.

I have suggested some blogs which you might find interesting, but you can always search key words: enjoy!

Blogs you might find interesting:

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Birth as a journey

Developing Yin: work with babies

Shiatsu audit at St Michael's Hospital, Bristol, on post term pregnancy

Doing Suzanne’s course was such a source of true inspiration for me. It gave me the real confidence to work with pregnant women and to use the deep work with the extraordinary vessels.

When I was in my final days of my pregnancy, there was nobody I wanted to see more! Suzanne’s shiatsu was so grounding, present and releasing

Yolanda Chambers

Shiatsu Practitioner