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Massage therapist

Total Health 4u
Address: 93 Thornhill Drive,

SN25 4GG
Personal Name: Deborah Donohoe
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Working with women and families has always been my focus, initially starting out as a nurse and then a midwife for 12 years. For the past 16 years I have been supporting women and men in their muscluo-skeletal health through massage therapy and structural alignment. I have found touch to be a vital part in everyday health and especially during pregnancy and labour, it frees the body from stress and tension of muscular tightness which can cause misalignment in the skeletal system, as such good alignment assists with more efficient labour and delivery of the baby. Massage allows a restoration of body , mind and emotions, it encourages health and wholeness, and empowers the person to take an active part in their wellbeing. I teach ‘massage for couple’s’ courses showing you how techniques can be helpful during labour. Every session, whether teaching or treatment, is tailor made for your needs and I travel to your home so you can continue resting after the treatment is finnished.

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Business Phone Number: 07960255831
Paula Hynes Holistic Wellbeing
Address: Delvin and Mullingar
County Westmeath
County Westmeath
Personal Name: Paula Hynes
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Pregnancy Massage therapist ~ Pregnancy Yoga and Meditation Teacher ~ Pregnancy Reflexology ~ Reiki Master
Working with women on their journey through fertility, birth and beyond since 2005

Business Phone Number: +353 (0) 86278 6667
Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre
Address: Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre, 14 Trinity Street, Dorchester DT1 1TU
Personal Name: Sharon Cox-Button
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I work one to one with pregnant and post natal women and their babies, (and sometimes partners) as a body worker and yoga therapist. I offer yoga classes for pregnant and post natal woman, and birth workshops for couples and small groups. I am an IAIM baby massage therapist running regular courses or one to one sessions.

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Business Phone Number: 07742821937
Relax. Restore. Revive
Address: 17 Ashton Gate Terrace
Personal Name: Sam Lacey
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Sensitive and nurturing holistic massage therapy to support women through pregnancy, birth and post-natal care.

Business Website Address: Pregnancy Massage in Bristol
Business Phone Number: 07970663153
The Massaging Midwife
Address: N41LB
Personal Name: Joanna Peñaranda
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Pregnancy, labour, and postnatal massage I am a Midwife working in the birth centre at St Thomas’s Hospital in London. I offer Massage treatments at your home in London or in my treatment space in North London. Labour massage sessions with birth partners and infant massage sessions.

Alison Watkiss
Address: LivingWell Health Club, DoubleTree By Hilton, Paradise Way, Walsgrave, Coventry
Personal Name: Alison Watkiss
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I have been a massage therapist and aromatherapist since 1996. After finding massage so beneficial during both my pregnancies, I decided to specialise in this area. As well as pregnancy and postnatal massage, I am also qualified in fertility and maternity reflexology. I am based at LivingWell Health Club and my clinic in Chapelfields, Coventry.

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Business Phone Number: 07968138136
Amazsage Logo
Address: 61 Stanley Drive, Humberstone, Leicester, LE5 1EB
Personal Name: Seema Parmar
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Amazsage Therapies offers a variety of Massage Therapies, Healing and Shiatsu, exclusively to women wanting to restore vitality, general wellbeing and provides support for women undergoing Fertility, Pre-Natal, Peri-Natal and Post-Natal changes of Pregnancy. Seema specialises in Fertility, Pregnancy and general Holistic Therapies and is based in Leicester, East Midlands, UK.

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Business Phone Number: 07547344345
Address: Bournemouth
BH11 9QG
Personal Name: Alison Rostern
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Pregnancy massage is a soothing and relaxing treatment. A side lying position is used to perform gentle massage movements to warm the muscles and induce a feeling of well being. This is followed by deeper movements to reduce areas of tension in the back, lower and upper legs and arms. The benefit of pregnancy massage includes a sense of nurturing, relaxation, boost to the immune system, release of tension, soreness and stiffness in the joints and aids digestion.

Business Phone Number: 01202534022
Sue Boughton
Address: 21d Grosvenor Avenue
N5 2NP
Personal Name: Sue Boughton
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I ‘ve been a qualified holistic massage practitioner since 1997 and trained with the wonderful Well Mother in Pregnancy and Postnatal massage in about 2004 which then led me to my doula work, so all my work is now maternity based. My massage treatments are a mix of oil based massage inc some reflexology and shiatsu techniques [using aromatherapy oils suitable for pregnancy or postnatal where appropriate] I love being able to ease some pregnancy related problems with deep tissue massage and shiatsu energy work for clients. I find the shiatsu really helpful and emotionally balancing and the oil massage is relaxing and nurturing on a more physical level. I’m based in North London and work from my home in Islington and at the Active birth Centre therapy clinic

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 07811 953277
Mind and Body Scotland
Address: 173 West Main Street
EH52 5LH
Personal Name: Renee McBride
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Mind and Body Scotland is owned by Renee who provides Hypnotherapy, aspects of pregnancy, birth and early parenting support including hypnobirthing, pregnancy massage, Doula services and Brain Working Recursive Therapy. Renee began working as a Complimentary Therapist in 2003 after training as a Reiki Master and a Massage Therapist. Specialising in Antenatal Care and Parenting Renee became a Well Mother Practitioner 2007 and then trained with NCT graduating from the University of Bedfordshire as an Antenatal Teacher 2012. At the same time she completed her training and became a recognised Birth & Postnatal Doula with Doula UK and the Scottish Doula Network.

As her work progressed Renee recognised that Hypnosis would help many of her clients, i.e. those with phantom limb pain, those for whom massage was not appropriate e.g. clients with cancer and the mums that she had been supporting for a number of years with teaching breathing, positions for labour & birth and relaxations. The needs of her clients encouraged her to train in Clinical Hypnotherapy 2014 and to go further and specialise in Hypnobirthing 2014 & 2017, Weight Management & Eating Issues 2016 & most recently Psychosexual Dysfuction 2017 and Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) 2017.

Currently Renee is a Mentor of newly trained Doulas for Doula UK and a lay member of the NHS Lothian MSLC.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 07970 064742