The Massaging Midwife
Joanna Peñaranda

Pregnancy, labour, and postnatal massage I am a Midwife working in the birth centre at St Thomas’s Hospital in London. I offer Massage treatments at your home in London or in my treatment space in North London. Labour massage sessions with birth partners and infant massage sessions.

Sue Boughton
21d Grosvenor Avenue
N5 2NP
Sue Boughton

Birth & postnatal doula and a member of Doula UK, I trained with Suzanne Yates on her very first Massage for Labour course in 2006. I’ve been working as a birth doula, supporting women and couples throughout their pregnancies and births since 2007 and I love my job! I offer information to help women make informed choices regarding their maternity care and birthing choices, I aim to increase their confidence in their ability to give birth and support and reassure their partners too. I’ve been a recognised postnatal doula since 2012 and really enjoy supporting women and their families to adapt to the emotional and physical changes of looking after a newborn baby, I help with baby feeding, settling and sleeping etc, light housework, cooking and generally looking after mum so she can recover from the birth and concentrate on nurturing her baby and herself.

07811 953277
Mind and Body Scotland
173 West Main Street
EH52 5LH
Renee McBride

Mind and Body Scotland is owned by Renee who provides Hypnotherapy, aspects of pregnancy, birth and early parenting support including hypnobirthing, pregnancy massage, Doula services and Brain Working Recursive Therapy. Renee began working as a Complimentary Therapist in 2003 after training as a Reiki Master and a Massage Therapist. Specialising in Antenatal Care and Parenting Renee became a Well Mother Practitioner 2007 and then trained with NCT graduating from the University of Bedfordshire as an Antenatal Teacher 2012. At the same time she completed her training and became a recognised Birth & Postnatal Doula with Doula UK and the Scottish Doula Network.

As her work progressed Renee recognised that Hypnosis would help many of her clients, i.e. those with phantom limb pain, those for whom massage was not appropriate e.g. clients with cancer and the mums that she had been supporting for a number of years with teaching breathing, positions for labour & birth and relaxations. The needs of her clients encouraged her to train in Clinical Hypnotherapy 2014 and to go further and specialise in Hypnobirthing 2014 & 2017, Weight Management & Eating Issues 2016 & most recently Psychosexual Dysfuction 2017 and Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) 2017.

Currently Renee is a Mentor of newly trained Doulas for Doula UK and a lay member of the NHS Lothian MSLC.

07970 064742
Mother & Bump
21 Penshurst Road
Natelie Henriques

Mother and Bump offer mobile Pregnancy massage, Doula services, Birth Preperation, Hypnobirthing and Baby Massage Courses. Pilates and 1 2 1 Yoga
We aim to empower you and your partner through all stages of your pregnancy, labour and birth and the postnatal period. With our knowledge, support, and care you and

Birth & Wellbeing Partnership
Various Bristol and Bath clinics.
Claire Nutt

Specialist Perinatal support in and around Bristol including pregnancy and postnatal massage, massage for birth workshops, counselling, birth trauma therapy & Compassionate Hypnobirthing. Charity funding available for health care professional referrals and/or those with low income.

0117 3368915
Massage for Pregnancy - Twins on  board!
82 Gordon Street,
Glasgow City Centre
G1 3RS
Lucy Trend

Lucy is a specialist in pregnancy, fertility, post natal and baby. She is a Shiatsu practitioner, doula (trained with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers) and a trained Well Mother teacher, also offering post graduate training courses for Complementary Therapists, Midwives, Doulas & OBGs in Massage, Shiatsu and Moxibustion. She is active in the Positive Birth movement and is co-facilitator of the Positive Birth Group in Glasgow.

Lucy is a teacher level member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society MRSS(T) and a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC – the Department of Health recommended regulatory body).

Lucy has an interest in Mindfulness and is currently enrolled with Aberdeen University on the MSc in Mindfulness course. She is also studying to become a Yoga teacher. She qualified as a Shiatsu therapist in Montreal, Canada in 1996 and has been practicing and teaching Shiatsu in Glasgow since 1997. In the years 2000 & 2009 she travelled to Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand to study with Surin Janpanet, a retired monk who trained in the temple, sadly now deceased. She is now director of Thai Massage Training Scotland, offering training in authentic Traditional Thai Therapies. She continues her professional development including study of derivative therapies such as Dynamic Thai Massage, Osteo-Thai, Myofascial Release, Cranio-sacral therapy, but firmly believes the wisdom of the ancient therapies that developed over thousands of years runs deep and she honours that basis in her treatments and teaching.
Her past background is in dance performance and movement therapy, she offers treatment to a broad spectrum of clients including musicians, dancers, athletes and people with special needs. She holds Mindfulness based corporate team building and self-development training for private and public sector organisations across Scotland including Diageo, NHS Glasgow and 3D Drumchapel.

When she gets the time, Lucy offers post graduate training for Shiatsu practitioners. She previously taught at the Glasgow and Edinburgh Schools of Shiatsu.

Life Touch You
63A Perry Mead

Based in North London for over 8 years emotionally and practically supporting women and their partners and families, during pregnancy, birth and in the post-natal period. Offering pregnancy and postnatal deep tissue massage, birth preparation, labour support, postnatal support including breastfeeding. Baby massage and babywearing consultancy.

Bryn yr Blodau, Llanycefn, Clynderwen, Wales
SA66 7QJ
Samara Hawthorn

WellMama CIC

Justine Sipprell
Hunters Croft
Selmeston, Polegate
BN26 6UD
Shiatsu therapist, Doula, Pilates and Pelvic floor health teacher

Justine received Shiatsu at her first birth back in 1997 and was blown away at how effective it was. She was on a mission for every women to receive Shiatsu in their pregnancy and labour. She first met Suzanne in 2002 and started to do the Well Mother training while continuing to support women through Shiatsu.
In 2007 Justine taught her first module with Suzanne in Brighton and continued to teach ‘Shiatsu for Midwives & Doulas’ both in a hospital and retreat setting. In 2009 she started to train as a Pilates teacher and by 2011 was incorporating her knowledge of Pilates into her pre and post natal Shiatsu sessions.
In 2013, Justine and her family moved to Toronto, where along with teaching Pilates, she taught Shiatsu pregnancy couples workshops, attended a few births and taught Doulas ‘Shiatsu for labour’. She has specialised in pelvic floor health and currently runs workshops on the Hypopressive method. Justine has recently moved back to East Sussex and plans to continue her teaching both in the UK and Canada.

The Shiatsu Doula
+44 07951 322738
32, rue Clocheville
37000 TOURS

LE TOUCHER est le premier sens développé par le fœtus. Premier sens à développer chez la sage-femme, témoin privilégié de la plus belle des aventures humaines.
Depuis plus de vingt ans, j’aime écouter avec mes mains ces germes de vie qui poussent sous les jolis ventres ronds. Moments toujours magiques !
J’ai exercé dans tous les domaines autour de la naissance : du CHU, aux petites maternités et même en dispensaire.
Je pratique le shiatsu depuis 15 ans.
Par ses trois aspects fondamentaux, médecine manuelle, préventive et holistique, la pratique du Shiatsu complète merveilleusement la pratique de la Sage-Femme, clinicienne et gardienne de la physiologie de la grossesse et de l’accouchement.
Par le toucher et l’écoute, ces deux pratiques complémentaires aident à apporter mieux être à la future mère et à créer le lien mère-enfant, base fondamentale de toute qualité de relation humaine.