Marina (002)


Vienna, Austria

I am the director and principal teacher at the Shambhala Shiatsu Schule in Vienna, Austria. I first invited Suzanne Yates to teach Well Mother courses at my school in 1999.  Until then, little was taught in the field of shiatsu and pregnancy and yet a great majority of my students and clients were women. At that time my second born son was one year old. I remember thinking:  if only I had known all the things I learnt in the Well Mother courses before I had given birth to my two children!

Suzanne has been teaching twice a year at my school ever since. Until the last couple of years, I have been the translator during all of the courses and have assisted Suzanne in her teaching as well as introducing some of the work in my own shiatsu training classes.

I have been practising Shiatsu since 1987 in Vienna. Further studies in TCM, the extraordinary vessels and developmental work with babies and adults have helped me deepen my understanding for my daily practice. Supporting pregnant women  and babies and working with the extraordinary vessels has become an important part of my shiatsu work over the years. For me it´s the best way to be directly in touch with life and “being in touch” is my passion.


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