Beautiful Birth

Beautiful Birth: on line course in preparing for birth and beyond with shiatsu, massage,visualization, breath, birthing positions and space and setting. One year access

Le stage résidentiel: le cycle féminine, Italie, semaine francaise

Le stage résidentiel le cycle féminine  2 au 6 mai: semaine francaise, Giulia di Gallese, a cote de Rome.

pregnancy massage head baby connect

Pregnancy Massage Diploma

Pregnancy massage diploma Bristol May 18 or London November 18

Residential Italy: Women’s cycles English week

Residential: Women’s cycles at Giulia di Gallese, Italy: English week 9th to 13th May 2018 

Shiatsu and pregnancy, Bristol 4 to 7 October 2018

Bristol Pregnancy Shiatsu Module 4-7 October 2018

Shiatsu for midwives and doulas

Shiatsu for midwives and doulas: part 1 and part 2 London

Shiatsu foundation for midwives & doulas & bodyworkers

Shiatsu skills for maternity workers on line course: one year access

Shiatsu foundation: Extraordinary Vessels, menstrual cycle and fertility

Shiatsu foundation module: Extraordinary Vessels, menstruation and fertility, Bristol 21-24 June 2018

Supporting Birth

On line course: Support women preparing for birth and understand the implications of the birth experience for all clients. One year access.


Transforming your work with the Extraordinary Vessels

On line course: Transforming your work with the Extraordinary Vessels. One year access.