A course in two locations

Here’s a course with two locations

Beautiful Birth

Beautiful Birth: on line course in preparing for birth and beyond with shiatsu, massage,visualization, breath, birthing positions and space and setting. One year access

Bristol Book Launch Events

Bristol Beautiful Birth Launch Event Cossham Birth Centre: Saturday 11th November: Massage/shiatsu for birth preparation at 16h00 and Belly dancing, food celebration at 19h00

Free book talk and signing at 18h15: If you want to attend both parts of the event, please book each part separately.

In-person test

Le stage résidentiel: le cycle féminine, Italie, semaine francaise

Le stage résidentiel le cycle féminine  2 au 6 mai: semaine francaise, Giulia di Gallese, a cote de Rome.

Pregnancy Massage Diploma

Pregnancy massage diploma Bristol May 18 or London November 18

Residential Italy: Women’s cycles English week

Residential: Women’s cycles at Giulia di Gallese, Italy: English week 9th to 13th May 2018 

Shiatsu for midwives and doulas

Shiatsu for midwives and doulas: part 1 and part 2 London

Shiatsu foundation for midwives & doulas & bodyworkers

Shiatsu skills for maternity workers on line course: one year access

Shiatsu foundation: Extraordinary Vessels, menstrual cycle and fertility

Shiatsu foundation module: Extraordinary Vessels, menstruation and fertility, Bristol 21-24 June 2018