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Massage and Shiatsu Individual sessions with Suzanne Yates in Bristol

I’ve worked as a shiatsu and massage therapist since qualifiying with the Healing Shiatsu Education centre in 1988 and the Maitri Foundation. I work with clients at all stages of their lives from pregnant mums to the elderly.

I include shiatsu or massage as appropriate to the client. I specialise in women’s health, from puberty to post menopause, including menstrual issues, fertility,pregnancy, birth and postnatal support. I am also qualitifed in sports massage.

I have written several books on Pregnancy and birth and am currently working on a new book about some of the lesser known channels of acupuncture which can support everyone at all stages of their lives.

I teach shiatsu and massage therapists and midwives world wide.

I am fully insured and registered with the Shiatsu Society and the CNHC for massage and shiatsu.

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How I work

Massage and Shiatsu individual sessions


I always begin by building a picture of you and what you want from the sessions. Some people want to focus more on physical symptoms such as backache or a more complex issue like recovering from surgery or cancer. Others might want to focus more on their emotional state. People come for help with coming to terms with changes in their lives, such as children leaving home, bereavement or ageing. They also come for support with depression, loneliness or relationship issues. I am very much guided by what you want.

Whether you choose massage or shiatsu, I still work with the image of the body as a garden needing to be tended. I understand that the body holds the memory of all the experiences we have lived. Working through touch can enable us to release physical tension but what people often don’t realise is that they can also help us process our emotions too.

I include breathing and exercise, or at least body awareness, as an important part of the process. I want to empower you to understand your own body and become self-reliant.

Together we will work out what you need in your life; It could be more of a connection with nature, with space or with being on your own or with others. From this, we can work on creating specific visualisations to support you.

What to expect from a session

The main focus of the session is usually either massage or shiatsu or a combination of the two. However sometimes people come more for exercise guidance.

  • You can choose to receive either fully clothed or directly on your skin.
  • I mostly work on a futon on the floor but I can offer treatments on the table if that is what you prefer.
  • I begin by asking some questions to find out what is going on for you and how I can help you.
  • Then we might do some breathing or exercises before we start the hands on work.
  • We create a calm space and an awareness of your body.
  • After this, you lie down, relax and the massage/shiatsu part of the session begins.
  • Sometimes people verbalise what they are experiencing while receiving the treatment.
  • This part usually lasts about 40 to 50 minutes.

If you are coming as a couple, once we have talked about what you would both like, I usually begin with some breathing together to relax and get you tuned into each other. Then I will teach you some simple touch techniques you can do together. I also can teach you exercises you can do as a pair if you want.

How often you should visit really depends on what we are working with and what you hope to achieve at the end of our session/s. We work together to understand what achieving your outcomes would be and agree on a how often you want to come..

Some clients might come weekly for short periods of time. A lot of clients come every 3 or 4 weeks, but some clients only come every few months. It is good to start with a few sessions close together.


Massage and shiatsu: £55 (one hour and fifteen minutes)

Partner sessions: £60 (one hour)

Sessions take place at our clinic in Windmill Hill

Home visits within a radius of 5 miles from BS3 can be arranged for an additional fee of £15


Book an appointment

To check availability and book a session please contact me.